Weekend @ranch

green wheat

After too many weeks of hard work at the office, the much needed break has finally happened: 2 lazy days at the farm, 200 km away from Bucharest, in the green heaven of Baraganu.


You can only witness full spring in the countryside, so you can imagine all the colours and fragrances of the farm seducing your senses. The wheat is just about 10 cm tall – perfect for faking an ocean of green. Bees and insects are roaming around, seems like they never take a break. I would probably do the same if I were them – too many irresistible colours and tastes everywhere.

For a visitor like myself, a day at the farm starts whenever I wake up under the unmerciful alarm clock of the freshly brewed coffee. Put some toasts with butter and plum jam on top and there you have it, perfect morning. After lazying around for another hour, I am continuing with some work-out, Not very intensive, I don’t really want to lose weight 🙂 Exercising in the middle of the nature seems more like a therapy, not a blunt endeavour to keep fit. Anyway, my body is thrilled to experience something else instead of the dull chair at work for 8 hours.DSC_3290r

Apart of the oh-so-many flowers luring the bees, the farm hosts dogs, cats, cows, sheep with their sweet little lambs and goats. Sometimes, I get lucky and I also meet some horses that are visiting the farm, same like I’m doing. After running around with the wonderful creatures, farm homemade lunch is exactly as dreamy and tasty as it sounds. In one word – deliciousness, my mouth is watery as I am writing..

The weekend is over and I am headed back to the crowded capital. But not without the goodies of the farm which will keep my taste excited for the next couple of days.



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