Romanian Cuisine – Modern Tips

breakfast cluj

Wandering in Ardeal, the most loved part of Romania, firstly for its wonderful people and secondly, for their great food – I got some tips on how to transform the simplest dish into some kind of masterpiece created by the crafty hands of a fancy chef.

Here we go:

  1. Fried eggs – this is my favobreakfast eggsurite dish all time. It has everything from combination of tastes, texture, colour and protein! Put some goat cheese, red onions, tomatoes or nothing at all and that’s it, you got yourself some lovely food 🙂 But wait, there’s more.. Sighisoara taught me a very simple and tas
    ty secret. It refers to a thin layer of cheese, probably parmesan cheese or similar, put on top of the eggs. After frying, grate some parmesan on top and it wi
    ll melt into a thin tasty foil on top of the eggs. It is a great boost of the taste, I tell you!
  2. Omelette – again eggs. Very nutritious, tasty and all that. The possibilities of preparing an omelette are probably infinite, but I have never thought of putting a spoon of crème fraiche on top. This is what I experienced in Cluj-Napoca in a very chic place called Bujole. I suspect that they are also using some crème fraiche while whipping the eggs since the result is so fluffy and nice. Combined with some fresh spinach fried in butter, you will find yourself having the best breakfast ever.

This is what imbrreakfast sighisoara tigrelu.compressed my taste so far, but I am sure I am not done yet. Tomorrow we travel to Piatra-Neamt, so I am pretty sure some culinary secrets will unveil themselves in this part of the world.


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