Sighisoara – small & chic

sighisoara turquoise vintage streetstyle

Sighisosighisoara dog street tigrelu.comara is one of the medieval Romanian places I have been planning for so long to visit, but never found the opportunity. Sighisoara (See-ghee-swahr-ah) did happen for me last week and it was as good as I was expecting: loaded with history, good people and even better food, of course 🙂

The April sun and warmth were a good company to visit the old city and I can understand now why people often call it the fairytale-city. As accommodation I chose a medieval place as well which kept the medieval details in almost every aspect of the room, except the amenities 🙂 I am impressed to see the attention to detail in this part of the country – very different than Bucharest. People are genuinely interested in your comfort and experience.sighisoara stockholm colours street tigrelu.comsighisoara tower

Besides the main attractions represented by the 14th century Clock Tower, the Church on the Hill or the Scholars’s Stairs – I think the je-ne-sais-quoi of the place is actually the hilly aspect. Everywhere you have stairs or small slopes to climb, walls, stone or Dracula’s home. All these details combined with the panorama surrounding the citadel gives the lethal combo that will make you fall in love with Sighisoara.

Last, but notleast, the food here is amazing. Of course the ingredients are from local origin and the taste is still the same we used to know when we were children. I enjoyed some real culinary treats at Casa Cositorarului (heavenly breakfast) and yummy-licious lunch at Casa cu Cerb (Stag House) – very similar taste to my Grandma’s cooking which is the ultimate unit of measure.

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