Craving for Lasagna

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Tonight I madpisiceanue it happen – veggie lasagna – of course :D. One of my favorite d(el)ishes inspired from a recipe I know from a good friend’s mum. Cheese is the star of this yummy-ness so rest assured that you will experience rainbows on your taste buds with this super-easy recipe for people who do not like to spend too much time in the kitchen. Since I am crazy about cheese, I cheated a bit, adding some extra cheese.. but you will see what I am talking about.


To get started, make sure you have the ingredients:

– 2 zucchinis/eggplants

– 300 gr mozzarella

-300 ml tomato puree(homemade if possible πŸ˜€ )

-200 gr heavy cream


-fresh basil




-salt, pepper and some olive oil

-Gouda cheese (for cheaters)

I prefer zucchini instead of eggplant, I think the zucchini is tastier than the eggplant, but both of them will do the job (i.e. replace the classical lasagna sheet). You need to slice it in long sheets like in the picture and then you should fry the sheets in a pan with a drop pisu 2of olive oil until they change the colour. Scrub’em with some salt and let them rest and lose the water while you prepare the tomato sauce.

Heat up a pan and put a couple of drops of olive oil. Crush some garlic, let is fry for a minute and then add the tomato puree. Add the basil leaves, salt, pepper, oregano and leave it for 5 more minutes. The tomato sauce is done!

Now you will start building up the lasagna. In a clay pot put one layer of fried zucchini, tpisu 4hen add a layer of mozzarella, a bit ofcream and grate some Gouda together with a pinch of nutmeg. The third layer consists of the tomato sauce (try to spread it on the whole surface) and then grate some parmigiano. Repeat the layering as much as the pot allows and then put it in the oven for approximately 20 minutes.

Pofta buna! πŸ™‚


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