Power Shake


Hello proteins!

Everybody knows you need to stock up on proteins when you are trying to get some work-out in your life.

Taking care of what you eat is not very easy, especially when healthy stuff doesn’t have the greatest taste.

Recently I have started to run in the park, because honestly, I cannot stand the lack of tone and energy, besides the not so attractive shape that I find myself in šŸ™‚

Anyway, thanks to my partner in run & crime, I can’t get enough of this power protein shake – I would consume it every morning. So I got myself an amazingly tasty treat and guess what – the proteins are strong with this one and is made only from natural ingredients.

What you need for this treat is peanut butter, one banana, dark cocoa, cinnamon and water. Put one serious spoon of peanut butter, one regular banana, a tbsp dark cocoa, cinnamon (less than 1 tbsp, depending on how much you like it) and half of cup of water in your long forgotten blender. The water is also at your will, adjust the quantity depending on how thick you would like your shake. The texture of this shake is perfect, so creamy and airy, you will have a thick veggie cocoa, silky and sooo tasty. You will fall for it, I tell you..

It’s better to keep this treat for the morning, if you can. After you will get introduced to this taste, you can never go back, haha!



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