Eat pasta, Run fasta

pasta wine parmigiano

Italian dishes are always mouth-watering so after this week-end when I saw some add with “Eat pasta, Run Fasta”, I couldn’t think about nothing else – a simple yet delicious pasta. So I had to make it happen the other night.. some spaghetti, home-made tomato sauce, onions, garlic, basil and, of course, parmigiano. These are the perfect ingredients for night-cravers like myself.

To use the same food for the next day at the office, I also added some mushrooms in the recipe (get some proteins as well 😉 ). In a pan I put some olive oil and butter, chopped 2 onions and have them turn golden in the olive oil and butter bath. I have added the shrooms, salt, pepper, basil and some chopped red pepper. Let them cook for 10 minutes while the spaghetti were boiling. After the mushrooms are cooked, I have added around 500 mls of tomato sauce. After 5 more minutes, I have added the spaghetti and gave them a good stir. If you are a garlic fan, you can include some smashed garlic, it will boost the flavours.

Before serving, some freshly grated parmigiano will take you straight to Italy.

Definitely a yum-yum and so easy to prepare!

Enjoy 🙂

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