Relax Time

peony lavender candle

After a long day at the office or an exhaustive work-out session, this short trick will make a perfect cocktail of relaxation. Make sure you have some bath salt and some essential oils.

My all time favorite are the lavender salt and lavender essence. A very delightful treat is the lemongrass oil essence. Regarding the salt, I was lucky enough to find a huge jar with natural kosher salt extracted from the heart of Transylvania, seasoned with some fresh lavender flowers and natural lavender oil. Jackpot!


What you need to do is to pour some hot water into a wash bowl where you tossed a handful of your bathing salt and a few drops of essential oil. Ideally you need some rocky salt. Once you indulge your feet in this combination of sensations, you will also massage the feet together with the aromatherapy. You can also apply a drop of oil behind the ears. Use the steam from the hot water to inhale the mesmerizing smell. It will make wonders for your body and your disposition.

Add a glass of red wine and you will enjoy a deep relaxed sleep and a beautiful radiant face the next day.

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