Rustic Apple Pie <3

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Apple is my all time fav fruit for desserts. From simple baked apple, pastries to overcomplicated vanilla creams on top – I love all the combinations. Most recipes involve removing the apple’s peel which I DSC_4484happen to adore and to believe is the tastiest and handsomest part of the fruit 🙂

The recipe I propose today is very simple. Besides 6 apples, you will need 4 eggs, butter, flour, milk, cinnamon and some cheese. Original recipe is without sugar, but depending on the sweetness of the apples, you can add a bit of unprocessed sugar – try to maintain the healthy aspect of this dessert.

The dough is easily prepared in one bowl where you mix the flour (250 gr) with the butter (125 gr) and 3 egg yolks. When the ingredients are well mixed and you can call it a dough, grate some cheese and incorporate it in the dough. Let it rest in the fridge for approximately 30 minutes.

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Since the dough is taking a nap in the fridge, it’s time to prepare the apples. Chop the apples in small cubes, removing the seeds only, don’t lose the apple peel. In a frying pan put a serious quantity of butter and fry the apple chunks until they are soft, around 10-15 minutes. When they are almost ready, sprinkle some cinnamon. This is also the time to add sugar, if you want.

Roll the dough in a round baking pan, making sure the diameter of your dough will be bigger than the diameter of the pan. You will need the extra margins to cover the apples before baking. Tuck the apples inside the dough sheet and cover only half, leaving the center uncovered. You can also put 2-3 cloves inside to boost the flavours. Before baking it, batter one egg with some milk and varnish the dough with it. Grate some cheese on top to get some golden looks and some taste boost. The pie needs to be baked for approximately 30 minutes @ 200 Celsius.

rustic apple pie

This simple taste is wonderfully combined with yogurt, at least this is how I tried it. I am sure it will go well with vanilla ice cream, vanilla sauce or even whipped cream. Feel free to explore and share the experience!

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