Papanasi Love


Just a quick recipe for a wonderful Romanian desert: papanasi – cheesy doughnuts served with cream fraiche and homemade jam (preferably made from sour fruits).

Make sure you can find in your kitchen the following: 2 eggs, 500 gr fresh cheese, 200 gr flour, 100 gr unprocessed sugar, vanilla and a pinch of baking soda. Mix all the ingredients in one plastic bowl and at the end incorporate the flour.


The outcome is a sticky dough which you need to shape as these small doughnuts you can see in the picture – a bit smaller than a golf ball.


In a frying pan put some vegetable oil (I used sunflower seed oil) and fry the doughnuts. Once they are golden, put them on some paper tissues so the oil can be soaked away from them. They have a wonderful taste if consumed warm and simple.

The traditional way to enjoy them is with cream fraiche and jam – I used wild strawberries jam and heavy cream. To die for 😀


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