Butter Cookies <3

butter cookies pistachio white chocolate

dsc_8650Either an excellent bite for the morning coffee or milk, or upgraded as a chef’s dessert with a glazing on top – butter cookies promise to melt in your mouth.

Ingredients needed for around 20 cookies are the following: flour (450 gr), baking soda (1 teaspoon) butter (200 gr), eggs (2), unprocessed sugar (300 gr), pinch of salt and vanilla extract or seeds. This is the basic dough. You can add extra whatever you feel like. I felt like dark chocolate, pistachio, pecan nuts and lime zest. All of these need to be incorporated in the dough before you put them in the oven.

Mix the warm butter with the sugar; once these two look like a paste, add the eggs, salt and vanilla and continue to stir. Separately mix the flour with the baking soda and slowly incorporate this into the first mix. Once your mix is ready, include the extra: you can either use chocolate chips, dried fruits or nuts.

On a baking tray lay a baking paper and prepare it for the cookies. You can make the cookies with your own hands since there is a lot of butter in the dough, this won’t stick to your hands. Make small golf balls and add them on the tray at about 3-4 cm distance. In the oven, the dough will melt and will take the form of the actual crispy cookie with tender core.


For extra looks, I have added some white chocolate on top of the cookie and sprinkled some pistachio and pomegranate seeds.

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