Cheesy Brownie


I have finally discovered the perfect brownie recipe, thanks to this fantastic lady who is a constant source of inspiration for deliciousness born in the kitchen. This amazing brownie has a touch of cheese which adds up to its perfection 🙂 I have been eyeing this recipe for quite some time, but finally I have found some time to actually prepare it. You can find the original recipe here, in Romanian.

My trial wasn’t as handsome as I was expecting it to be (need to work a bit more on this part), but the perfect chocolaty Holy Grail for my taste buds. What you need to get going are the following: 320 gr butter, 400 gr dark chocolate, 6 eggs, 3 egg yolks, ½ tbsp vanilla, pinch of salt, 165 gr unprocessed sugar, 165 caster sugar, 4 tbsp flour, 4 tbsp cocoa powder.
For the cheese touch: 200 gr spreadable cheese (I have used Philadelphia), 1 egg yolk, ½ tsp vanilla extract, 1 tbsp unprocessed sugar.


I have started by melting the butter together with the dark chocolate in a pot on low temperature. Stirring continuously you will end up with a wonderful melted chocolate. It has a killer smell <3 After you are done with the chocolate business, you need to leave this mixture cool. Meanwhile, in a large bowl mix the eggs, the egg yolks, vanilla and the salt. Use your mixer to reach a double volume and then start adding the sugar gradually. It is very important to keep the air in the mixture so ensure a fluffy, airy consistency of your cake. I think I made it, in the end 🙂 Next in line are the cocoa powder, the flour and the melted chocolate (you know, the one where you had butter + chocolate=love). Gently incorporate these into the airy mixture using a spatula or a wooden spoon, no mixer allowed. Again, you need to take care of the consistency. This is the actual mixture for your brownie. For your info, with the mentioned quantities I baked 2 cakes in a round tray of approximately 26 cm in diameter.dsc_9841

Before pouring the mixture in the baking tray, lay a sheet of baking paper. Once you are happy with the thickness of your brownie, you can add the touch of cheese, if you are a cheese fan. I am the biggest fan, so of course I have added the cheese. What you need to do is to mix all the ingredients mentioned above and put them in a plastic bag. Cut one corner of the bag so you can create a decorating pen 🙂 I have just poured the cheese on top of the brownie, without a clear pattern. Once I was happy with the quantity, I used a toothpick to mix a bit the cheese with the brownie mixture.. as I said in the beginning, I am not very happy with the design of my brownie. Anyway, once you are done with the cheese or before you add the cheese, you can put the tray in a preheated oven (@ 200 Celsius) and then cook it for 25 minutes at approximately 180 Celsius. The volume will almost double while baking, but once it’s out of the oven, this will come back to the initial volume.


After 25 minutes, I thought that I actually baked it too less, because it was very creamy (of course I did not wait for it to cool). As most cakes, this brownie needs to completely cool off before serving, but I was way too excited about this cake that I had to try it there, on the spot. The taste is wonderful, but definitely needs to be served cold. The next day this brownie transformed itself in the best brownie I ever had. In the next days it became even more crispy on the outside, but still creamy and tender in the inside. Next time I will be baking this I will try to put the cheese underneath a layer of brownie, I hope I won’t spoil the whole business 🙂


Anyway, enjoy this perfect brownie! <3

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