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  • Pasta from Napoli


    This recipe was a lovely discovery in a pasta place in Bucharest (thanks to Mandy for the introduction) and its simplicity and freshness will provoke addiction. I need to brag about the fact that when I cooked it at home, the experience was even better than what we had in the restaurant. And it is […]

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  • Banana Bread


    After a looong break, I am back with a healthy recipe of banana bread. I have baked this so many times, but I was always using baking powder. This time I baked it without it to reduce the chemicals 🙂 It does not look so good, the puffiness is way down, but the texture is […]

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  • Cheesy Brownie


    I have finally discovered the perfect brownie recipe, thanks to this fantastic lady who is a constant source of inspiration for deliciousness born in the kitchen. This amazing brownie has a touch of cheese which adds up to its perfection 🙂 I have been eyeing this recipe for quite some time, but finally I have […]

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  • Cheesy Crostini with Avocado & Figs

    fig avocado mozzarella basil

    Tasty, smart and quick – this snack idea is so much win: nutrients, taste and energy for a good start of the day. Of course, fresh and good quality ingredients are key: multi grain bread, avocado, buffalo mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil, lemon, olive oil and… figs 🙂     Make a paste using […]

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  • Butter Cookies <3

    butter cookies pistachio white chocolate

    Either an excellent bite for the morning coffee or milk, or upgraded as a chef’s dessert with a glazing on top – butter cookies promise to melt in your mouth. Ingredients needed for around 20 cookies are the following: flour (450 gr), baking soda (1 teaspoon) butter (200 gr), eggs (2), unprocessed sugar (300 gr), […]

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  • Breakfasty de Week-end

    #breakfast #garden

    Long time, no see so I decided to throw a breakfast party :)) just kidding, just woke up with a strong hunger and desire for green. So I said to myself that if the summer just passed without one single breakfast in the garden, lets do it, autumn. So I did it – fast colourful […]

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  • Raspberry For Winter


    I must admit, I am not a big fan of raspberry, but I’m a sucker for sweets with raspberries involved. So I decided to convert 1 kilo of fresh raspberries from the local market into 2 jars of deliciousness aka raspberry jam. The classic recipe says to use sugar as much as the fruit, so […]

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  • Fluffy Sponge with Sour Cherries

    sponge cake sour cherry

    Summer is here, yaay! Since it’s the season to be jolly with so many fruits around, I bought today some sour cherries from the local market especially for this oh so sexy and tasty sponge cake with sour cherries. Besides the sour cherries, to bake the same you will need: 2 eggs, 150 gr caster […]