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  • Pasta from Napoli


    This recipe was a lovely discovery in a pasta place in Bucharest (thanks to Mandy for the introduction) and its simplicity and freshness will provoke addiction. I need to brag about the fact that when I cooked it at home, the experience was even better than what we had in the restaurant. And it is […]

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  • Banana Bread


    After a looong break, I am back with a healthy recipe of banana bread. I have baked this so many times, but I was always using baking powder. This time I baked it without it to reduce the chemicals 🙂 It does not look so good, the puffiness is way down, but the texture is […]

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  • Breakfasty de Week-end

    #breakfast #garden

    Long time, no see so I decided to throw a breakfast party :)) just kidding, just woke up with a strong hunger and desire for green. So I said to myself that if the summer just passed without one single breakfast in the garden, lets do it, autumn. So I did it – fast colourful […]

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  • Relax Time

    peony lavender candle

    After a long day at the office or an exhaustive work-out session, this short trick will make a perfect cocktail of relaxation. Make sure you have some bath salt and some essential oils. My all time favorite are the lavender salt and lavender essence. A very delightful treat is the lemongrass oil essence. Regarding the […]