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  • Sighisoara – small & chic

    sighisoara turquoise vintage streetstyle tigrelu.com

    Sighisoara is one of the medieval Romanian places I have been planning for so long to visit, but never found the opportunity. Sighisoara (See-ghee-swahr-ah) did happen for me last week and it was as good as I was expecting: loaded with history, good people and even better food, of course 🙂 The April sun and warmth […]

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  • Weekend @ranch

    green wheat

    After too many weeks of hard work at the office, the much needed break has finally happened: 2 lazy days at the farm, 200 km away from Bucharest, in the green heaven of Baraganu. You can only witness full spring in the countryside, so you can imagine all the colours and fragrances of the farm […]

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  • Turda Gorges


    This week I had the opportunity to visit a natural monument of beauty – Turda Gorges (Cheile Turzii). You can reach this place by car in about 40 minutes drive (approx. 30 km) from Cluj-Napoca (where you would probably go if you want to feel the cool vibe of the urban Romanian youth). I was lucky […]