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  • Italian inspiration: Crostata


    Following a short visit to the Northern part of Italy, of course now I have a couple of ideas related to food. First one to try is crostata – a very simple and delicious desert that I had daily while in Italy. Basically you need to bake the dough and make sure you have some […]

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  • Papanasi Love


    Just a quick recipe for a wonderful Romanian desert: papanasi – cheesy doughnuts served with cream fraiche and homemade jam (preferably made from sour fruits). Make sure you can find in your kitchen the following: 2 eggs, 500 gr fresh cheese, 200 gr flour, 100 gr unprocessed sugar, vanilla and a pinch of baking soda. […]

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  • Baked Mackerel

    fish lemon mackerel pepper

    I think mackerel is very underestimated, but honestly, this is the best fish for flash cooking and perfect taste. You will also enjoy more meat than bones 🙂 This is my never-ending problem when eating fish, too many bones! Anyway, this week I prepared mackerel fillets by cooking them in the oven for 10 minutes. […]

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  • Rustic Apple Pie <3

    apple pie yogurt wild strawberry

    Apple is my all time fav fruit for desserts. From simple baked apple, pastries to overcomplicated vanilla creams on top – I love all the combinations. Most recipes involve removing the apple’s peel which I happen to adore and to believe is the tastiest and handsomest part of the fruit 🙂 The recipe I propose […]

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  • Eat pasta, Run fasta

    pasta wine parmigiano

    Italian dishes are always mouth-watering so after this week-end when I saw some add with “Eat pasta, Run Fasta”, I couldn’t think about nothing else – a simple yet delicious pasta. So I had to make it happen the other night.. some spaghetti, home-made tomato sauce, onions, garlic, basil and, of course, parmigiano. These are […]

  • Beauty
  • Relax Time

    peony lavender candle

    After a long day at the office or an exhaustive work-out session, this short trick will make a perfect cocktail of relaxation. Make sure you have some bath salt and some essential oils. My all time favorite are the lavender salt and lavender essence. A very delightful treat is the lemongrass oil essence. Regarding the […]

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  • Power Shake


    Hello proteins! Everybody knows you need to stock up on proteins when you are trying to get some work-out in your life. Taking care of what you eat is not very easy, especially when healthy stuff doesn’t have the greatest taste. Recently I have started to run in the park, because honestly, I cannot stand […]

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  • Romanian yum-yum – Zacusca


    My favourite traditional dish all time is zacusca, the Romanian ratatouille that can be kept in a jar for a couple of years. Besides the exquisite taste and multitude of vegetal fibers (oh so good for your health), you can enjoy it at any time of the year with no effort. Best time of the […]

  • Beauty
  • Home Spa Day


    Best spa ever session for my face is made of baking soda and honey. Honey is something I constantly use – on my skin and in the kitchen. Needless to say honey is the Holy Grail of skin’s health. After removing the make-up, make a paste from 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda and some water […]